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Beyond Static: Building Dynamic Apps with Gatsby

Learn about creating engaging, dynamic web apps with Gatsby

Go beyond static content with dynamic, rich web apps powered by Gatsby.

A modern web app is much more than static content- it’s an engaging experience with dynamic, asynchronous data, user authentication, and more fundamental app experiences that your users expect.

Watch this 60-minute, on demand webinar to hear from Dustin Schau (Gatsby Software Engineer) and Linda Watkins (Director of Marketing at Gatsby) about how to build dynamic web apps with Gatsby.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • What use cases work well for Gatsby web apps
  • How to use Gatsby for dynamic data, user authentication, ecommerce, and more
  • How to source data from your headless CMS, local files, or an existing GraphQL or REST API
  • How Gatsby uses a modern stack with React and GraphQL
  • Live demo of a dynamic web app with Gatsby

Watch the Webinar

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