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Careers at Gatsby

We’re Gatsby! 👋 Our mission is to make building blazing-fast sites fun. We’re an eclectic group who loves tinkering with hard problems, collaborating with each other, and geeking out about the future of the web. We also despise whiteboarding, have an ongoing cat vs dog debate, and send each other way too many articles. We seek to be a place for everyone, and we sure hope we have the right role for you.

If you’re interested in joining our team,
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Who we are

We’re looking for extraordinary people. Like you. In order to shape the future of the web, we need a workforce that represents and elevates the voices of the users we serve. Help us foster a culture where differences are valued.

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Open Positions

Marketing Manager, Demand Generation


Getting a new job can feel amazing, but it's often a particularly unpleasant experience. That's why our team has worked together to create a meaningful hiring process — that doesn't suck. Learn about the five steps you can expect below!

Send in your application and our team will assess if your skills match what we're looking for.

1. Apply

Send in your application and our team will assess if your skills match what we're looking for.

2. Learn

Chat with someone from our recruiting team about your background and hear what it's like to work at Gatsby.

3. Geek out

Get your nerd on talking about your passions and experiences with 3-5 potential teammates.

4. Make stuff

Complete a short paid project or work sample to showcase your amazing talent.

5. Decide

Our team will have a discussion to determine if we will extend an offer, and then it's your turn to decide if you want to work with us!



Employees receive generous medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Full-time contractors will have the cost of healthcare factored into their salary. Please ask the recruiting team to confirm which applies to your case.

Time Off

Gatsby offers unlimited paid time off, but requires a minimum of 15 days paid time off.

Remote +

Our entire company is distributed, so we take remote work seriously. If you’d rather not work from home, we will cover the cost of a coworking or office space.

Stock Options

Get generous stock options for a company that is growing blazing fast. Hint: It’s Gatsby.


Gatsby provides $3,000 USD for employees to attend conferences, take classes, or otherwise further their education.

Parental Leave

Gatsby offers 3 months of paid parental leave if you add a new member to your family (adoptions and fosters included!)


Gatsby will let you choose a new laptop of your choice (up to $3,500 USD) and will reimburse up to $500 USD for office expenses.

Internet + Phone

Gatsby will cover up to $100 USD per month for your phone and $100 USD per month for your wifi expenses.


We typically meet up couple times a year in person for work and fun! Previously locations were cool places like NYC, London, LA, and Barcelona.


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