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Unified Hosting

Unified Hosting (as signalled by a domain) is enabled by default on production builds. Starting November 17, 2022, Unified Hosting will be enabled for all builds in a gradual rollout, and will be finished on November 24, 2022.


Unified Hosting on Gatsby Cloud provides several benefits to your site:

  • Password protection
  • More accurate Lighthouse reports
  • Faster initial page loads (as well as being on a CDN)
  • Better route caching for browser speed
  • Unlimited redirects
  • Reverse proxy behavior


What is the reason?

Unified Hosting is the current infrastructure for Production builds. This brings all of the benefits above to all builds (including Pull Request and Preview builds). Gatsby is “unifying” all infrastructure to this faster, more modern architecture.

What is the impact?

The major change that will occur when Unified Hosting is deployed is a difference in individual build URLs. Previously, these builds were deployed to a domain. After this rollout, all builds will be deployed to a domain.

Will old URLs continue to work?

Yes, any builds deployed before this rollout will continue to work on the domain.

What will new URLs look like?

The new URLs will be the same format, but hosted on a subdomain of (as opposed to

Pull Requestbuild-{UUID}.gtsb.iobuild-{UUID}

Are URLs deterministic?

URLs are deterministic besides the UUID generated for a given build. For example, the glob pattern for a Pull Request build would be build-*

When will Unified Hosting be live on my site?

Unified Hosting will begin rolling out for all builds on November 17, 2022. Sites on a Free plan will receive unified hosting first, followed by Professional, and then Enterprise. All sites are anticipated to have Unified Hosting on November 24, 2022.

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