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Environment Variables Specific to Gatsby Cloud

The environment variables below allow you to configure features of Gatsby Cloud:

  • NODE_VERSION: Specify the version of Node.js your project should use. For example, NODE_VERSION=10. Defaults to 14.
  • NPM_TOKEN: Use to access private npm modules.
  • NPM_REGISTRY: Use to set the URL of a private registry.
  • YARN_FLAGS: Flags that are passed through to the yarn command.
  • NODE_OPTIONS: Passed through as options for Node.js. For example, - NODE_OPTIONS=--max-old-space-size=4096.
  • PREFIX_PATHS: Set to true to enable the --prefix-paths flag during gatsby build. See the docs on prefix-paths.

Read-only variables

These variables are pre-defined for both Builds and Preview environments. They are set automatically and cannot be changed. You can reference them in your gatsby-config.js or anywhere else you would normally reference an environment variable.

  • BRANCH: The name of the current git branch. Useful for swapping environment variables depending on the branch.
  • CI: Always true.
  • GATSBY_CLOUD: Always true. Useful for checking if your build is running on Gatsby Cloud.
  • GATSBY_IS_PREVIEW: true only in the CMS Preview environment, for both legacy preview builder and incremental preview builder.
    • is production for Production Builds and Pull Request Builds
    • is development for CMS Previews which use the legacy preview builder
    • is production for CMS Previews that use the new incremental preview builder
    • Regardless of the environment variable value, CMS Preview builds still use preview data
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