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Gatsby for Agencies and Teams: Better, Faster, Smarter

Hear how agencies are standardizing their web tech stack to increase profitability in this 60 minute on demand webinar.

In website development agencies and large teams, there are unique challenges that threaten to slow down projects, require highly specialized team members, and eat into profit margins. Varying tech stacks between clients introduce timesucks that burn hours, push back deadlines, and limit your team’s ability to innovate.

In this webinar on demand, you’ll hear how large agencies are using Gatsby to overcome these challenges in ways that decrease turnaround times, increase profitability, normalize the tech stack across all clients, and enable teams to share common assets to reduce duplicated work on each project. Hear from Kyle Mathews (Co-founder of Gatsby), Brian Webster (Owner of Delicious Simplicity), Linda Watkins (Director of Marketing at Gatsby), and Ben Robertson (Front-End Developer at Mediacurrent) about how agencies are standardizing their web tech stack to increase profitability and work better, faster, and smarter.

Kyle Mathews, Co-founder, Gatsby
Linda Watkins, Director of Marketing, Gatsby
Brian Webster, Owner, Delicious Simplicity
Ben Robertson, Front-End Developer, Mediacurrent

In the webinar, you’ll hear more about:

  • Challenges teams and agencies face
  • How to increase profitability at your agency
  • How to talk to clients and coworkers about Gatsby
  • Case study examples

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