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What Can Gatsby Plugins Do?

See what Gatsby plugins are capable of!

Gatsby’s ecosystem is one of its biggest strengths. In this 60-minute webinar on demand, we dive into plugins — the heart of Gatsby’s ecosystem — to learn how they work and hear stories from community creators who’ve built and shipped popular, powerful plugins. Find out what’s already available and how you can create your own plugins!

Hear from Jason Lengstorf, Head of DevRel at Gatsby, Benedicte Raae, Full-Stack Developer at, and Espen Hovlandsdal, Full-Stack Developer at as they discuss what Gatsby plugins are capable of, the different types of plugins, how to build a plugin, and more.

Jason Lengstorf, Head of DevRel, Gatsby
Benedicte Raae, Full-Stack Developer,
Espen Hovlandsdal, Full-Stack Developer,

In the webinar, you’ll hear more about:

  • What Gatsby plugins are capable of
  • The different types of plugins
  • How to build a plugin
  • How to publish a plugin
  • Real-world experiences from community members who have built and maintained plugins

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