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Optimizing your Gatsby builds with telemetry data and New Relic

Learn how New Relic significantly improved their Gatsby build times leveraging Observability

New Relic migrated their very large and highly trafficked open source docs sites to Gatsby for a blazingly fast and buttery smooth front-end performance, which they got in spades (woohoo!). But lengthy local and production build times soon made development and content editor workflows a drag. So, what do you do if you’re New Relic? You figure out a way to observe Gatsby build data!

Register to watch this joint webinar to hear how New Relic built and used their new Gatsby Build Plugin to collect and analyze granular telemetry data in New Relic One for their Gatsby builds. You’ll also learn how they then used that data to drive their decision to migrate to Gatsby Cloud and reduce their build times exponentially .

What’s even better? This plugin is now available for you to use! Register to join us live to see New Relic’s Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Daniel Kim, demo it step-by-step so you can start getting telemetry data on your Gatsby builds ASAP.


  • Dan Giordano - Senior Director of Product Marketing, Gatsby | @itemprop_dannyg
  • Daniel Kim - Senior Developer Relations Engineer, New Relic | @learnwdaniel

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