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Product Launch: Valhalla Content Hub

Bringing Gatsby’s data layer to the entire web

Modern websites are complicated. They pull content from multiple places and piece it together to deliver a website that provides a compelling and dynamic user experience.

What if that process was easy?

On Thursday, November 3, join Gatsby’s Senior Product Manager, Shane Thomas, and Director of Product Marketing, Neha Varshneya, as they unveil the new Valhalla Content Hub!

Valhalla makes the Gatsby plugin system you know and love available for every frontend, including other web frameworks and mobile apps. It provides a centralized repository that gives enterprises an architecture for managing content across a variety of sources—making it accessible via a unified GraphQL API for building content sites, eCommerce platforms, and both web and native applications.

With Valhalla, every CMS API becomes a “best-in-class” API.

If you’re…

  • finding yourself re-implementing Gatsby’s data layer when working on non-Gatsby projects
  • wrestling with legacy APIs of homegrown services to build Gatsby and/or other sites
  • maintaining multiple different websites or applications, each pulling data from multiple content sources
  • struggling to integrate your e-commerce system with your CMS

Join us Thursday and see the solution for yourself!


  • Neha Varshneya, Director of Product Marketing, Gatsby
  • Shane Thomas, Senior Product Manager, Gatsby

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