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Get Ready for #100DaysOfGatsby — Gatsby’s Guided Coding Challenge for 2021

Hashim Warren
December 21st, 2020

If you’re looking for a fun way to explore how to build blazing fast websites with Gatsby, our #100DaysOfGatsby challenge is for you!

This “100 Days” challenge kicks off on January 1st — the perfect way to jump start the new year learning some new skills with a Gatsby project.

After all, Udemy named Gatsby the #1 emerging tech skill to learn. And Stack Overflow’s survey of nearly 65,000 developers found that Gatsby is one of the most loved and one of the most wanted web frameworks.

Why all of the love and interest? We think it’s because using Gatsby doesn’t just give you a highly performant website. Learning the framework can also help you master React, Node.js, GraphQL, and serverless website architectures. During the original #100DaysOfGatsby challenge we saw thousands of developers learn rapidly, connect with others, have fun, and even get hired!

If you’ve used Gatsby in the past, #100DaysOfGatsby is a great way to get hands-on with the new features we’ve launched recently — all of them aimed at making the experience of starting and scaling a Gatsby site much faster and easier.


Get started with Challenge 1

Ready to get started? Check out the Challenge 1 Brief for your first assignment. You are taking on the role of “Dev”, the newest hire for the (fake) headphone sharing startup, AudioC0RE! Your AudoCoRE manager wants you to build a new website for the company. You have three weeks to fulfill the requirements given to you.

Use #100DaysOfGatsby on Social Media

As you work on your Gatsby project, connect with the community by using #100DaysOfGatsby in your tweets or posts on social media. If you need help with a challenge or want to share your in-progress work, visit the SHOW-AND-TELL or the HELP sections on Gatsby’s GitHub Discussions. 

New to React or Web Development?

If you are an aspiring React developer, then this challenge will supercharge your learning. Gatsby is a great first framework to adopt so you can master React, Node.js, and JavaScript. Register your email in the form above and we will send you beginner-friendly, interesting projects that will help you explore the Gatsby and React ecosystem.

Experienced React Developer?

If you are comfortable building webapps with React and its related tooling and if you are already familiar with Gatsby, we invite you to take your knowledge deeper by building your first Gatsby theme, plugin, or dynamic app. Register your email in the form above and we will send you resources for building advanced Gatsby projects.

Happy coding!


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