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Challenge 3: WordPress Blog (#100DaysOfGatsby)

Hashim Warren
February 11th, 2021
Briefing 3 - 100 Days of Gatsby

Welcome to the third phase of #100DaysOfGatsby, Gatsby’s guided coding challenge for 2021!

In the BRIEFING story below, you are “Dev”, the newest hire of the fictional headphone sharing startup, AudioC0RE!  You have just completed the second task, launching a fast and accessible website. 

Ready for your next assignment?  You have three weeks to fulfill the requirements given to you in Briefing 3. Along the way, the Gatsby team and community will assist you in the following ways:

HELP: February 19th. Visit Gatsby’s GitHub Discussion forum to share your in-progress work, ask questions, and share resources.

SOLUTION: March 3rd. Join our coding livestream at GatsbyConf to learn Gatsby best practices and discover ways you could have completed the challenge!

BRIEFING 4: Your next assignment lands on March 5th. Just like in a real startup, one sprint ends and another begins! Discover the Challenge 4 Brief on the Gatsby blog.

Briefing 3: Add a WordPress-Powered Blog

Good work on launching the website during the last sprint, Dev! 

Our Lighthouse scores are so ridiculously high, it looks like we cheated on our midterm tests! The other Developers say the component library makes it easy to collaborate with you. And our Content Editors have been creating landing pages through the CMS. This “Gatsby stack” has sped up our website work across AudioC0RE. So kudos to you!

Dev, as a reward for your hard work, I have another project for you, and it’s due ASAP!

Here’s the background – our startup is growing so fast that we hired our first head of marketing. We recruited him because the name of his last company, FraudioLore rhymes with our company, AudioC0RE. And since his previous company went public, we’re sure he’ll bring over some of his marketing magic.

There’s one catch. The new guy used WordPress at his last company, and he wants to adopt it here. I explained to him that we already use Gatsby and Contentful as our front-end and headless CMS. But he has more letters in his job title than I do, so I’m overruled. 

The good thing is, Gatsby Cloud enables content previews with WordPress, so his team can review content before publishing. And when they do publish, the updates go live in seconds, thanks to Incremental Builds. 

So, here’s the plan, Dev. We’re going to plug WordPress into the site to power our “blog” section, but we’re not going to tell the marketing team. From their point of view within WordPress, everything will just work. And we’ll get to keep usings the tools that we like.

It’s a risky plan, but I think it will work. And if it doesn’t and the new Marketing guy complains, I’ll just blame you. And then, worst of all, I’ll have you learn PHP. 

Dev, here are more details on your requirements:

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