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Building Excitement for Gatsby in East Africa

Greg Thomas
April 10th, 2020

Welcome to the Gatsby Days 2020 Video Blog: Los Angeles Edition. In this series of eleven videos, you can catch up with all the wit and wisdom shared at the presentations from our February community gathering in LA. If you weren’t able to make it in person, these videos are the next best thing to owning a time machine! (Though owning a time machine would be super cool for sure, joining us at our next Gatsby Days—currently scheduled as a virtual event June 2nd-3rd—would be pretty awesome, too 💜. Follow Gatsby on Twitter to keep up with when registration starts, speaker announcements and other developments).

For East African developer Gatare Libère, the journey to Gatsby began with a search for new swag. Gatare is a software engineer and co-founder of Sewilio, a company based in Burundi that offers a full range of mobile, web, cloud, and security services. Right after Hacktoberfest, Gatare went looking for new t-shirts and earned some Gatsby swag by becoming a community contributor. A podcast about Gatsby on then spurred him to explore Gatsby further in a small project.

Before long, Gatare was not only using Gatsby but also speaking about Gatsby at events across East Africa. At each stop, he has met with developers who are eager to learn how to build blazing fast websites and web applications with Gatsby. Watch this video from Gatare to hear more about what has drawn him to the framework, what motivates other developers in his part of the world, and how to best connect with a fast-growing community of web developers in East Africa.

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