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5 Ways to Level Up Your Agency With Gatsby

Maddie Wolf
October 19th, 2022

The way people build websites has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. The rise of decoupled architecture has taken the development world by storm, and companies are beginning to see why. Unlike legacy systems, new frameworks like Gatsby can provide incredible security, performance, and scalability. 

At Gatsby we recognize that while we provide this modern technology, it is often agencies that do the hard work of introducing it to and implementing it for companies. By partnering together, we can better delight our customers.  That’s why we’ve written this post: to help agencies get started on a path to success.

  1. Join the Agency Directory. Many of our customers want help building their site and they look to us for guidance. That’s the main reason we created the Agency Directory. If you have Gatsby websites today and would like to be featured, you can join by filling out this form. You’ll be right alongside many of our top agencies, like Gatsby 2021’s Agency of the Year: Webstacks, who became Gatsby experts and are now reaping the benefits. Their awesome work on websites like ServiceTitan, Calendly, and Upkeep are now on display for the world to see. If you want to hear more about what Webstacks has done, register for our webinar with them on October 25th.
  2. Check out the new Agency Plan. Based on the feedback from many of our agency partners, Gatsby recently launched the Agency Plan, which is tailored to make agencies successful. Far more powerful than the Pro Plan (but less pricey than Enterprise 😉), the Agency Plan allows for up to 100 sites, zero downtime during client handoff, and the ability to collaborate across workspaces.
  3. Get to know us. Have you met our team yet? If you haven’t (or it’s been a while), get in touch! We give many agencies early access to new features, co-marketing opportunities, insight into our roadmap, and even assistance in closing deals. We also have met up with agencies in person (shout out to the Nerdery in  Minneapolis!) to strategize on large-scale deals.
  4. Stay up to date on what’s new. Gatsby ships new features frequently that improve your customers’ experience. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to updates, so you can take advantage of everything Gatsby has to offer. For example, did you know it’s fairly easy to upgrade Gatsby sites on v2 or v3 to v4 in order to get improved performance and new rendering models like DSG and SSR? That there’s a webinar on the top performance tricks the Gatsby team uses tomorrow, October 20th? Or that Gatsby 5 is now in Beta?
  5. Make sure your Gatsby sites use Gatsby Cloud. Gatsby’s open source framework is an amazing way for devs to build blogs and other hobby sites for free, but Gatsby Cloud is tailor-made for businesses who care about performance. With Gatsby Cloud, sites are built & deployed in real-time on a global Edge network that provides millisecond load times for site visitors around the world. Plus, you get access to features like custom domains, CMS previews, Gatsby Slices, and more. These features are huge for performance. For example, Revere Health recently moved to Gatsby Cloud and are expecting update times to be mere seconds with v4.

Have other ways you’d like your agency to work with Gatsby? Let us know! We’re all ears because we know that like milk and Oreos, we’re better together.

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