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A Decoupled Days 2022 Preview

Shane Thomas
August 9th, 2022
Decoupled Days 2022: August 17th and 18th. NYC.

Flashback with me to July 2019 when I was preparing to start my “Live Preview with Gatsby and Drupal” talk at Decoupled Days. While that seems like a million years ago now, I still distinctly remember how excited I felt to show how someone could quickly preview their Drupal content on a Gatsby site. After walking everyone through how to configure the Gatsby Drupal module and their Gatsby site to work with live preview, I closed out the session by mentioning something like: “and incremental builds are coming soon!”

This was before I joined the Gatsby team. I had just heard about incremental builds after talking to Kyle Mathews (Gatsby Founder) and Dustin Schau (Gatsby VP of Engineering) a few times. Incremental Builds was the feature needed for any large site to really scale to static. I joined the Gatsby team a few months after that talk and realized that Incremental Builds was only one part of a long journey to build the fastest frontend framework and cloud platform for the headless web.

When I heard that Decoupled Days was back in-person this year, I knew I had to submit a talk to show all of the new things that continue to make Gatsby the fastest frontend for the headless web — And, there is a lot to cover! In my session next Thursday, I’ll be focusing on these five areas where Gatsby has continued to improve over the last few years:

  1. Static can also be dynamic: the SSR and DSG story
  2. Show your content editors some love: The Content Sync and Preview UI story
  3. The need for (build) speed: The Image CDN story
  4. The need for (deploy) speed: The Incremental Deploys story
  5. The need for (frontend) speed: The Script Component story

I’m excited to take a trip down memory lane with everyone attending my Decoupled Days session to show how far Gatsby has come, and maybe even drop a few hints about where we are going next. If you’ll be there, too, make sure you join me on Thursday and swing by the Gatsby booth to say hello to the team — I’ll see you all in NYC, Gatsby swag in hand!

Ps Kyle Mathews will be speaking at Decoupled Days next week, too — Don’t miss the opportunity to take a deep-dive into Gatsby Cloud’s streaming architecture with him! 

Pps I also heard from our marketing team that if you tag @gatsbyjs in a tweet before August 17th to let us know you will be at Decoupled Days, we will have some exclusive Gatsby swag to give you in NYC! 👀

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Technology enthusiast, kind of a musician, former engineer, former engineering manager, currently living the Product life.

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