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[Cloud Update] Adding Google Authentication and Admin Roles In Gatsby Cloud

Dan Giordano
June 1st, 2021

At the heart of Gatsby is the way we integrate with different data sources and services, as we feel they are necessary when building a modern website. After all, a website is one of the most cross-functional projects in any organization. Not only are developers working on writing new code and building features, but marketers are creating copy, designers are creating graphics, and ops/admins are paying invoices and auditing usage. Unfortunately, these folks often don’t have logins to version control systems like Github or Gitlab, which until recently were the only two ways to authenticate into Gatsby Cloud.

Adding Authentication Support For The Rest Of Your Organization

To fix this, we’re adding a few more authentication workflows and user permissions to allow for developers and business roles to better collaborate. Shipping this week is authentication support for Google. Just like GitHub and Gitlab, you’ll be able to login to Gatsby Cloud with your personal or work Google account to manually trigger builds, control production deploys, add users, and more. 

We’re also making updates to our role permissions and settings dashboard. We’ve added an “Admin” as a new role permission. This “Admin” role is great for giving billing or auditing administrators access to Gatsby Cloud without having to share a login or take screenshots of a billing page. Owners and Admin can now also access their invoice information directly from the settings dashboard.

You can read more about managing Roles and Permissions in the Gatsby Cloud Knowledge Base.

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