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Announcing: GatsbyConf 2022

Laci Texter
November 23rd, 2021
GatsbyConf 2022

🚀 It’s happening

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being Very Excited, the Gatsby team is clocking in at a solid 11 because GatsbyConf 2022 is in the works! Join us for this virtual event on March 2nd and 3rd!

This year’s theme is Power in Numbers. But what does it mean???” you may be wondering. Fair question. It means two action-packed days of talks and workshops hosted by your friends in the Gatsbyverse that focus on pushing the Jamstack to it’s limit. In fact, you can follow along in the “Building GatsbyConf 2022” blog post where we’re sharing how we’re incorporating the theme into the GatsbyConf site and into your experience in March. 

Together, we’ll cover data sourcing tips, best practices for team collaboration, and stories of scaling digital experiences with Gatsby that — quite frankly — defy gravity and include takeaways you can immediately apply to your own sites. You didn’t think we’d talk numbers and not mention speed, did you? Of course you didn’t (and of course we will). 

There’s also a 100% chance we’ll be sharing product launches (the “New Hotness”, if you will) and hosting fun giveaways so register now and buckle up on March 2nd and 3rd for the second annual GatsbyConf!

🎙 Is this thing on? The CFP is now open

Ok, so you’ve registered for GatsbyConf 2022 but something has inspired a talk idea… Now what? We’re so happy you asked. Now through Friday, January 21st, the GatsbyConf 2022 Call for Proposals (CFP) is open. We can’t wait to hear your proposal ideas!

What we’re looking for

As we mentioned above, this year’s virtual conference theme is Power in Numbers.To help you sharpen your proposals, we’re looking for talks that highlight quantifiable metrics like:

  • Scale: What specific tools and features have enabled you to avoid stall-points and keep growing your sites and business? How have your projects improved over the past year thanks to Gatsby versions 3 and 4? 
  • Speed: We’re always willing to gather ‘round for a speed story-time! Do you have a great (data-backed) tale of going from zero to 100 thanks to a particular Gatsby feature? 
  • Team Collaboration: How has Gatsby enabled communication and collaboration with your fellow site builders and your clients? How are you doing things differently now and how has your experience improved? 
  • Data sourcing: How many data sources has GraphQL on Gatsby enabled you to incorporate into your sites and what has that meant for the way you create and build? 

Submission guidelines

After you’ve given your CFP ideas some thought and you’re ready to share, submit your proposal via the GatsbyConf CFP entry form before January 21st.

The GatsbyConf 2022 CFP Review Committee will be reviewing proposals on an ongoing basis, so submitting your proposal sooner rather than later is encouraged.  This also gives us a chance to reach out if we have any follow-up questions about your proposal. All selected speakers will be notified by January 21st.

Please keep in mind that we are committed to a safe and inclusive environment, so the Gatsby Contributor Code of Conduct applies to all GatsbyConf speakers. 💜

Still have a question or two about submitting to the CFP? Please share it here and we’ll get back to you. Hearing from the community about what you’ve been building is truly what GatsbyConf is all about and everyone on the Gatsby team is looking forward to reading what you share.

🤠 Hey, Partner

Curious about partnering with Gatsby to support GatsbyConf this year? Let’s talk about it! Contact us to learn more and to receive the Sponsorship Prospectus. 

💜 We’re thrilled to come together again

We know that March 2022 will be here before we know it Register now and let us know what you’re most looking forward to at GatsbyConf 2022 by using the hashtag #GatsbyConf on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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At GatsbyConf 2022, we’re going faster, further, and accomplishing more — Register now and join us in March!

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