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Announcing Gatsby GitHub Discussions

Ward Peeters
October 16th, 2020

GitHub Discussions is now live!

We’re very excited to announce GitHub Discussions: A place for the Gatsby community to ask questions, submit ideas and give feedback on new features (RFC).

Discussions will help us – all of Gatsby, but especially the team responsible for overseeing GitHub issues — to better organize between questions, features and other non-bug tickets. Making it easier for all of you to help us squash bugs and make Gatsby even better!

To begin with, Discussions will have three categories:

  • Ideas: Share ideas for new features/enhancements
  • Help: Need help? Struggling with Gatsby?  Ask here!
  • RFC: We need your input on features, experiments and all the stuff we are building for Gatsby. We’ll be asking for comments to make Gatsby even better.

We are looking forward to engaging with everyone on this new platform for exchanging questions, answers and ideas. This is also the place to bring your features requests. One thing that GitHub Discussions is not intended to be, however, is Gatsby’s ultimate community forum. We are still working with Forem toward building a full-featured community platform, to launch in early  2021. 

What about the Gatsby Discord server? It will still be an excellent place to chill and hang out with other Gatsby members. For now it will continue to serve as our main channel for our community. If you’re not yet a member, make sure to register and join in the conversation.

Looking forward to seeing you in Discussions!

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Web Performance and Build Tool Specialist. Doesn’t suck at frontend or backend. Worked on Lighthouse and maintains Preact and more.

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