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GatsbyCamp: The Fall Edition

Laci Texter
September 9th, 2021

GatsbyCamp Fall: September 16th. 8:30am-12:30pm PDT.

In just seven sleeps, we’ll have the honor of hosting everyone in the Gatsbyverse for a second GatsbyCamp — Time flies! 🚀

In fact, it feels like just yesterday we were announcing Functions GA and now look: here we are again gathering to share more of the exciting things the Gatsby community is bringing to life with your Gatsby sites. We’ll also be revealing some of the things the Gatsby team has been hard at work on since the last GatsbyCamp in June.

We’ll keep today’s post short and sweet, serving as a line-up preview of people and topics you’ll be hearing about next Thursday, September 16th. The event will kick off at 8:30am PT sharp so mark your calendars and register now to join us!

The Line-up

What’s New and What’s Coming? 

Dustin Schau, VP of Engineering, Gatsby

Learn about the new hotness from the Gatsby Team building the best Cloud platform and open-source framework around for developers and marketers. 

To Gatsby 4 and Beyond!

Abhi Aiyer, Principal Engineer — Tech Lead, Gatsby

Trust us when we say this is a deep dive you want to bring your scuba tank for. Abhi will take us into the architecture behind Gatsby’s latest features in Open Source and Cloud, giving us a clear view of where the future takes us with this foundational release.

What React 18+ Unlocks for Gatsby

Ward Peeters, Staff Software Engineer — Tech Lead, Gatsby

React 18 is on the horizon with kick-ass features. Come and hear what the future holds for Gatsby straight from one of the React 18 Working Group members.


Docs for Everyone!

Megan Sullivan, Senior Software Engineer — Documentation, Gatsby

It’s hard to build a single documentation site that works for both newcomers and power users. Learn some tricks that we use in the Gatsby docs to help everyone find what they need so that your products and services scale better, faster, and stronger. Megan will lead the way.


Parallel Query Running with Gatsby 4

Patrick Sullivan, Senior Product Manager, Gatsby; Lennart Jörgens, Senior Software Engineer, Gatsby

Perhaps you’ve started poking around Parallel Query Running since experiential support was announced in Gatsby v3.11? At GatsbyCamp, learn more about how to build sites even faster with updates from Patrick and Lennart.

Spears Lennart and Patrick.

Native React 18 Code-Splitting with Gatsby 

Grayson Hicks, Senior Software Engineer — Customer Success, Gatsby 

Learn how to use fine-grained code-splitting without a third-party library. Compare it to loadable-components and see some best practices on when and how to slim down your JS bundles. This 15 minutes will be full of useful goodness you’ll want to hear live and don’t forget, you’ll be able to pose questions to Grayson right after the talk.


Scale Your Website With Flexible Content Models

Nikan Shahidi, Founder & CEO, Webstacks

We’re all about diving in but Nikan has a point here: Before you do, set your Gatsby sites up for success with a forward-thinking content structure that promotes consistent design, clean data, and a wonderful user experience. We’ll see you at this talk and, because every site is unique, we’re curious to hear the questions you’ll have for him post-talk.


Add Flexibility to Your Site with Gatsby Functions

Benedicte Raae, Queen, Lilly Labs

Watch Queen Raae code through a complete form -> function -> email example. She’ll also highlight examples taken from her recent Gatsby Summer Functions series to show just how quickly and seamlessly others were able to set up and scale (not to mention save some money!) by building their own Functions on Gatsby Cloud.


Gatsby for Agency Web Teams

Chris Marts, I.T. Director / Tech Lead, Aloysius Butler & Clark

Hear some of the best practices for leveraging Gatsby to deliver on clients’ high expectations for interactivity and web performance scores from Chris, a tech lead for a team who was quick to embrace Gatsby, launching six Gatsby sites in less than six months. All the while providing a much better inner loop developer experience with 50% shorter development timelines.


But That’s Not All…🔥

End the day with us in a cozy fireside chat, hosted by Gatsby Product Marketing Manager and GatsbyCamp MC Kirsten Lambertsen, with several members of the Gatsby Team, including Kyle Mathews so make sure you’re jotting down your questions as you listen to the talks if you want to ask questions.

We’ll also be highlighting some of the super creative FuncJam submissions you all have been sharing with us; if you’re feeling Func-y, don’t forget you can enter now through September 30th to win one of the three grand prizes, a limited edition sticker  (not to mention bragging rights!) and you just might see your Function mentioned at GatsbyCamp – All the challenge details can be found here

Let us know what your predictions are for Gatsby v4 and tell us what you’ve been building lately with us over on Twitter — You just might see it mentioned, too, during GatsbyCamp. We’ll see you on the 16th! 

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