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GatsbyConf 2021 Agenda Is Live!

Laci Texter
February 3rd, 2021

GatsbyConf is now less than one month away, and we are super excited to announce our schedule of presenters and workshop hosts! Things are likely to evolve a bit as we get closer, so be sure to check the schedule on for the most up to date information (and to reserve your spot in case you haven’t already). 

Day one, March 2nd, opens with a keynote address and product launches 🚀 before splitting into two separate speaker tracks. Day two is dedicated to workshops and breakout sessions where devs of every skill level, from just learning to leet, can level up their skills and knowledge. 

GatsbyConf Day 1 (March 2): Meet Your Speakers

Keynote: Back to the Future, with Gatsby Founder Kyle Mathews

Take a stroll through the evolution of front end web development with Kyle to discover why where we started has come full circle to where we are now — and what comes next 🔮. 

State of Gatsby: What’s New and What’s Coming, with Gatsby Head of Product Dustin Schau

Welcome to the future, today! Announcing everything that’s new with the Gatsby community, Gatsby open source, and Gatsby Cloud. That’s all we can say right now 😎. 

Empower Creators to Drive Outcomes, with WordPress VIP CEO Nick Gernert

The web is built upon beautiful open principles, making it an incredibly powerful way to create connections between people and ideas. For businesses, the job of forging a connection with customers usually belongs to the content creator, who must navigate an increasingly overwhelming technology landscape. How can we cut through the complexity to connect ourselves with the people we empower, the experiences we create, and the outcomes we drive?

Track 1: 

Finding My Developer Happy Path with Gatsby & Contentful, with Fullstack Developer Arisa Fukuzaki

A real-world developer’s real-world journey to discovering her happy path building with Gatsby + Contentful. Arisa says goodbye to cumbersome traditional CMSs and struggling for SSL certification…And a happy hello to Gatsby’s React-based component architecture, flexible content types with GraphQL, and free blazing fast hosting 😻

Building a Gatsby Community in Latin America, with Frontend Engineer Alfredo Navas

Tech’s primary verbal language is English, which can create a barrier for developers in countries where it’s not the main language. Technologies are constantly evolving, and by the time they are translated into other languages they are often not in their latest version or even deprecated. Alfredo Navas describes the importance of developer communities where these technologies can be shared, and supported, in the native language — and how to go about building them. 

How to Stand Out as a Non-Traditional Applicant, with UI Engineer Shaundai Person 

As a self-taught developer, making the switch to tech can be tough. Standing out amongst a sea of other applicants with impressive resumes and more experience can mean finding creative ways to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Shaundai will explore lessons learned from her career journey from sales to engineering, and how to make your non-traditional (or even traditional) background stand out in all the best ways – no matter where you are in your career.

Dynamic E-Commerce with Gatsby and WooCommerce, with Zeek Interactive Founder Steve Zehngut & Zeek Interactive Sr. Web Engineer Jacob Arriola

WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce choices for traditional WordPress sites. Now, thanks to WPGraphQL and WooGraphQL, WooCommerce has gone headless — opening up the UI to endless possibilities. The speakers demo a recent project shipped with Gatsby and WooCommerce to show how you can have performance gains with static, pre-rendered content, and a rich UI with dynamic run-time behaviors like filtering, inventory and add to cart. 

Contentstack and Gatsby Jamming Together at SAP Community, with SAP’s Head of CXP Engineering Oliver Kohl 

How do you roll out a cutting edge web stack for one of the world’s largest companies? Join Oliver Kohl, SAP’s Head of CXP Engineering, to learn how Contentstack and Gatsby enabled SAP to provide a seamless content authoring and self publishing experience, while reducing TCO and — most importantly — having fun building it. 

Why Gatsby Is Great for Docs, with Cecil Agency Owner Portia Burton

For developers, good documentation is the ultimate marketing. Portia will cover how Gatsby is one of the best platforms for building a knowledge base. By the end of her talk, you’ll learn how to set up your company’s docs using Gatsby and then optimize for discoverability, speed and SEO. Plus, like all of our speakers, Portia will stick around to answer your questions afterwards!

Architecting Fullstack solutions in a Jamstack World, with Agility CMS President Joel Varty

Jamstack is primarily a set of technologies to drive UIs. But where does “everything else” — features like user registration, authentication, restricted access, and search — go? In this session, Joel will take you through a Jamstack architecture that is more than just a frontend. He’ll show how you can add existing APIs onto your Jamstack solution and build new APIs to solve unique customer problems.

How New Relic Used Gatsby to Open Source All of Our Product Documentation, with New Relic’s John Vajda, Senior Product Manager (Developer Experience), and Jerel Miller, Senior Software Engineer 

Open source developer resources is a growing trend that promotes community-centric contribution. Join this session to learn how the speakers used Gatsby to design a contributor-centric community by creating transparency in their product documentation process, designing a consistent user experience across all developer sites, and incorporating easy feedback loops for reporting documentation issues.  

Gatsby for Emergency Response: Lessons from The COVID Tracking Project, with The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic’s Website Lead, Kevin Miller 

The COVID Tracking Project started as a few friends and a Google Spreadsheet, and within a month became a critical piece of data infrastructure for millions of users. As Website Lead on the project, Kevin selected Gatsby very early on to quickly build and maintain a site that must rapidly evolve to meet the day’s crisis while allowing hundreds of contributors to make constant and frequent updates? Learn the infrastructure needed to maintain transparency, stability, and manual review of data publishing, and methods to ensure their data (and Gatsby sites) will all still work in 10 or 20 years — even if the web becomes a very different place.

Track 2:

Edge Slice Rerendering with Gatsby: Performant A/B Testing, Personalization, and More with Outsmartly Co-founder Jay Phelps

Static sites are inherently performant — until you start adding client-side personalization tools and A/B testing, that is. Jay will explain a new approach, Edge Slice Rerendering (ESR), utilizing static analysis and edge computing to combine Static Site Generation with performant dynamic content. He’ll also present a case study showing how ESR can be used to implement A/B testing and personalization for a site built with Gatsby and Contentful with no performance loss.

Gatsby Gotchas: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them with Greg Hardy, Senior Software Engineer, Gatsby

Stop scouring GitHub issues and save dev time by learning how to quickly identify, resolve, and avoid the most common errors as reported by the Gatsby community. From HTML build failures to unknown fields in GraphQL queries, the Customer Success team addresses issues that most Gatsby developers will encounter.

Building Super Fast Search with Gatsby, Google Sheets and GraphQL with Stewart West, Web Developer, Team Lead & Flow Master at Amazee Labs 

Gatsby’s plugin ecosystem makes quick work of prototyping a site. Learn how to put together a website with Google Sheets as a lightweight and streamlined data source using GraphQL. Stewart will demo a fast prototyping process, including adding search filters and pagination and using Gatsby-Image.

How to Internationalize a Site Using Contentful, Shopify & Gatsby with Full Stack Developer, Andre Zimpel

The German vegan food blog and retail site receives 2-4 million impressions every month. Andre Zimpel shares his process behind migrating this very large site from WordPress to Gatsby, sourcing multiple data sources in a single page instead of using multiple frontends or domains, and adding search functionality — and, as a bonus, making the entire site bilingual.

Using the Power of Gatsby to Create a Network of Blazing Fast Websites with BigBrave’s Product Design Director, Francois Brill

Learn how to utilize the power of Gatsby at its most flexible and configurable to build out complex systems at scale — with a single Gatsby code base powering multiple websites. Francois shows what it takes from an entire ecosystem (including hosting, DNS, file storage and handling custom forms) to deliver something of this magnitude — with the ability to build once, and then use, and re-use, it many different times. 

Scaling Gatsby at the Edge, with Pantheon Technical Engagement Manager Doug Cone

“Why would Gatsby need to scale, it’s a static site, right? We picked SSG because it scales so well.” Well, when things get really big, they also get…complicated. Say you have a huge international event site, with an 8Gb build artifact that needs content updates in real time while handling huge traffic spikes. See how to handle these challenges with strategies for scaling Gatsby to hundreds of thousands of pages, with Drupal and WordPress sourced content at very large scale and while dealing with edge configurations to ensure the fastest possible speeds for every user.

How to Make Content Editors Love Gatsby, with Kentico Developer Evangelist Ondrej Polesny

Marketing teams often control the budget for website projects, but it can be hard to sell Jamstack to WYSIWYG-loving content editors. Learn how to win them over by enabling a great content editing experience on Gatsby sites using tools like SmartLink SDK, Web Spotlight, and Stackbit.

Day 2: Did Someone Say Free Workshops? 

Ready to level up your Gatsby knowledge and expertise? Whether you’re a professional, beginner, or somewhere in between, the Day 2 Workshops can teach you a thing or two. New workshops and breakout sessions are being added as we get closer to GatsbyConf, so keep checking the schedule to see the latest!

Kickoff event: Gamer vs. Gatsby — The Race Is On! 

Who is faster? A world record holder for Super Mario Brothers speed run (4:55 and 913ms)  or a Gatsby developer spinning up a brand new site live to hosting? You don’t want to miss this battle for the ages! 

Getting Started with Gatsby

Interested in learning Gatsby but not sure where to start? Want to try out the latest and greatest Gatsby features in a guided environment? Join Obinna Ekwuno and Megan Sullivan in this Intro to Gatsby workshop, where you’ll build your own blog site from scratch!

About Your Instructors: Megan is a developer and educator passionate about helping people use technology for good. She likes dogs, gardening, and video games. Obinna was a poet in another life… until he fell in love with JavaScript. Now, he writes code. He’s a public speaker, a technical writer, a full-time nerd, and passionate about the African tech ecosystem.

Build and Set Up Your Private Instagram using Contentful and Gatsby

Build your first JAMstack photo site with Contentful and guidance from Stefan Judis, Contentful’s senior manager for DevRel. In this workshop we’ll set up a Gatsby site from scratch and connect it to Contentful so that you can upload, manage and edit your photos without touching any code. 

About your instructor: Stefan works in Contentful’s Developer Relations and quickly fell in love with web performance, new technologies, and accessibility. He is also a curator of the web performance online resources Perf Tooling and Tiny helpers, contributes to a variety of open source projects, and enjoys sharing nerdy discoveries.

Creating an E-commerce Site Using Gatsby

Is it possible to develop and deploy a production ready app during a conference workshop? The answer is, of course, yes (or at least we’ll try)! During the workshop Tamas Piros, Developer Experience Engineer at Cloudinary, will lead attendees in creating an e-commerce website utilizing the Jamstack and leveraging Gatsby, plus APIs including Cloudinary and Snipcart. Attendees will be able to learn the key concepts of Gatsby while understanding the power of APIs in the Jamstack (did you know that you can just do a color replace for a sweater with an API?).

About your instructor: Tamas is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and a seasoned Developer Evangelist. He is a passionate advocate for modern web technologies, helping people understand and unlock the latest & greatest features of web development.

The Gatsby WordPress Integration Workshop

Learn how to build performant, scalable, and secure projects using headless WordPress with Gatsby as the front-end, with Gatsby engineer Tyler Barnes and Jason Bahl, creator of WPGraphQL. During this workshop you will integrate data from WordPress into an existing site using Gatsby’s new WordPress integration.

About your instructors: Tyler Barnes, Staff Software Engineer (WordPress) at Gatsby, and  Jason Bahl, Principal Software Engineer, WPEngine. Tyler codes funny, writes songs, and loves building tools to make the complex simple. Jason is the creator/maintainer of WPgraphql and helped develop Gatsby’s latest WordPress source plugin. He is also the king of dad jokes.

Live Q&A with Kyle Mathews

Wrap up your GatsbyConf in conversation with Gatsby founder Kyle Mathews. Thoughts on the future of Jamstack? Favorite tacos? Now’s the time to ask!

Thank you to the following sponsors for your support and involvement in GatsbyConf 2021: 

Contentful, ContentStack, Flotiq, Kentico Kontent, Pantheon, WP Engine, Agility, Cloudinary, Fastly, Jambaree, Media Current, Sanity, Strapi, Dato, and PeakZebra.


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