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Gatsby Gazette for November 2020: The “Now with Stories!” Edition

Hashim Warren
December 1st, 2020

Every product is adding “stories” these days, from Instagram to Twitter and beyond. Can you imagine Gatsby with stories? Hey, wait — that could actually be a perfect entry for Gatsby’s December #SillySiteChallenge! If you want to join in the fun, read the guidelines, and submit your site.

In the meantime, we released a heap of features in November and you can read all about them below. No stories, just awesomeness.

Gatsby Ecosystem: New in November

It was a very busy month! Let’s get straight to it. 

File System Route API

The new Route API makes Gatsby even easier to use. Now, just like any other page, you can simply add some extra notation to the names of your files to create page templates and client-side routes. In our internal dogfooding and external user testing, we’ve seen this new method make page creation with Gatsby simpler, faster, and, best of all, more fun.

Read more about this new feature along with migration instructions!

Gatsby Image (BETA)

A complete rewrite of the Gatsby Image component, built with a focus on speed and best-practices. This new component is super-fast, and can bypass React to start loading images before hydration. In our tests it allows sites whose Lighthouse scores dropped in recent updates (thanks to Google moving the goalposts on how speed is measured) to get back to 100s across the board. 

Try out the new Gatsby Image, and send us your feedback!

Plugin Options Validation

Gatsby plugins can now define a schema to enforce a type for each of their options. Gatsby will validate that the options users pass match the schema to help them correctly set up their site. This will make setting up your site faster and less error prone. 

Learn how you can help your favorite Gatsby plugins get updated to take advantage of options validation! 

GraphQL for WordPress (WPGraphQL) reaches v1.0

A WordPress plugin sponsored by Gatsby, WPGraphQL released version 1.0! WPGraphQL enables a GraphQL endpoint for a WordPress site that is easier to use, faster, and more powerful than the native REST API for WordPress. 

Read about WPGraphQL’s journey to 1.0 and try it out in your Gatsby/WordPress projects!

Gatsby’s Contentful Plugin 4.0

A new update to gatsby-source-contentful introduces an easier way to handle Contentful’s Rich Text field. This 4.0 release also introduces breaking changes that you should be aware of before upgrading.

Read more about gatsby-source-contentful’s updates!

Gatsby v2.27

Gatsby’s latest release includes many of the new features listed above….Plus several experimental features you can enable and play with. And we threw in some bug fixes that will make life easier for you and your users.

Read more about Gatsby’s latest release!


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