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Gatsby Gazette for October 2020: The “How it Started…How it’s Going” Edition

Hashim Warren
November 2nd, 2020

Every website has its own “How it started…how it’s going” story. One day you spin up a simple landing page for your startup. But as you grow over time you add docs, then a blog, then you need a careers section, and a swag store, and suddenly you have — gasp — a website only Frankenstein could love.

The new features Gatsby launched during October will help you get a website started fast, and scale without it becoming a monster!

New from Gatsby


When you launch a site with Gatsby, you get a baseline of excellent performance, accessibility, and SEO simply by default. However, if your site has customized needs — or you just want help fine-tuning it to reach its peak performance potential —  you can now get feedback and direction directly from Gatsby engineers.

Drop us a line at our new Gatsby Concierge page and we’ll help you level up your site performance.

Use Cases

“Can Gatsby do that?” Yes!

“Are there examples?” Yes!

“Are there plugins and themes to help me get started fast?” Yes and yes!

Browse Gatsby’s new “Use Cases” portal and get inspiration for your next project.

Screenshot of Gatsby's many "use cases"

Deploy to Azure Storage

We’ve made it easier to deploy your Gatsby site to Azure Storage! Sign up for a Gatsby Cloud free account to give it a try.

(You can also deploy to Vercel, Netlify, AWS, Fastly, Firebase, and Google Storage. Gatsby Cloud gives you the best of all worlds.)

Source multiple sites from Drupal

You can now use one single Drupal project as a content source for multiple Gatsby sites. This new feature is perfect if you have one content team managing a collection of websites. To get started with Gatsby’s integration with Drupal, install our Drupal module.

New from the Gatsby Team

Obinna Ekwuno collaborated with Marcy Sutton on an article about elevating accessibility concerns even during the first release of your product. Obinna also delivered the keynote for DevFest Kenya.

Nicole Tibaldi shared her story of graduating from a coding bootcamp to becoming an engineering manager. And Kyle Gill related what he learned about collaborating with senior engineers while he was an intern at Gatsby.

New from the Gatsby Community

Marco Martino developed a fascinating and useful Gatsby site that visualizes how bird migration dates are shifting due to climate change.

Screenshot of Bird Migration Website

Brex, the financial services company for fast growing startups, relaunched their website with Gatsby!

Earlier this year, UK developer Paul Scanlon created and contributed his first Gatsby plugin, gatsby-mdx-embed — a “more polite plugin” for embedding Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many more into your site’s .mdx without needing to import anything.Paul wrote about expanding the plugin beyond Gatsby projects to support any site utilizing MDX!

New from the Gatsby Ecosystem

Contentful held their conference, “Fast Forward” and Gatsby staff had a blast participating. (By the way, the conference landing page is powered by Gatsby!)

Sanity released an ambitious new project called Mendoza, a “diff format for structured JSON documents”. You can use Mendoza to build content collaboration tools, just like Sanity is doing with their new “Review Changes” feature. We love seeing companies freely open source their in-house solutions!

Strapi released version 3.2 which comes with new content draft and editing permission features.

Next from Gatsby

Register for Gatsby’s WordPress webinar to learn how one company increased page load speed 4X after adopting this decoupled architecture, and chat with Gatsby’s WordPress team.

Gatsby has several new RFC’s we would like your feedback on, including “Gatsby Functions” and a new image API. Read and comment on GitHub Discussions.

That’s it for October — talk to you on the other side of November. Keep well, and keep in touch!

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