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Revere Health: Showcasing Patient Care With Gatsby

Sam Bhagwat
August 24th, 2022

A Gatsby website is making it easier for Medicare patients to receive personalized care from a pioneering Utah medical group. 

Revere Health is an independent multi-specialty physician group – meaning that it’s a health system that’s owned by the 100+ doctors across Utah who practice within it. In addition, Revere is what’s known as an “Accountable Care Organization” – patients 65 years or older can choose to work with an ACO like Revere Health in lieu of a normal Medicare experience, and Medicare will pay a certain amount to Revere for providing care. 

The combination of its payment and ownership structure gives Revere doctors a unique amount of flexibility in serving their patients in a way that is very difficult in other American healthcare systems. It’s an innovative approach to providing high-quality healthcare while keeping costs low. 

When Revere Health needed a new website, they turned to Utah-based agency HQ. Revere wanted deep expertise building websites with custom functionality, and an incredible patient experience. HQ had the track record – and to build Revere’s site, HQ turned to Gatsby. 

Why HQ chose Gatsby

HQ’s Gatsby exploration had begun in 2018 when agency co-founder Matt Sutherland asked developer Daniel Rivera to research the Jamstack and Rivera “fell in love” with Gatsby’s documentation. 

“It was super, super smooth,” Rivera recalls. He used Gatsby to quickly ship a small client site and loved the experience. “After that, it was like, ‘how do I convince everybody this is awesome?’”

After that, the agency used Gatsby to build HeyGrillHey, a BBQ recipe brand, and Disruptive Advertising, a digital marketing agency, before embarking on the Revere Health website.  

The Revere Health website showcases something almost unheard of in American medicine  – a medical system that helps patients navigate it; a medical provider that puts doctors and nurses at the forefront. 

Making health care understandable and approachable

Let’s take a tour of the Revere website.

Revere lists their 50+ specialties, grouped by category. For each specialty, they show a list of locations where their doctors have offices, overlaid as pins on Google Maps. Offices list all the medical providers – physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Each MD, PA, and NP has their own dedicated page, where their photo is the hero image and prospective patients can read a conversational biography, as well as some reviews by other patients.

The easy-to-navigate hierarchy and clean design makes information is accessible to patients and eliminates barriers to care.

Revere Health info hierarchy

Revere showcases the power of structured content (thanks to WordPress, WPGraphQL, and Advanced Custom Fields), user-centered design (thanks to HQ), and great performance (thanks to Gatsby). And when the site was getting ready to launch, HQ co-founder Sutherland recalls, “the page speed was the thing that impressed people.”

With Gatsby Cloud, their changes go live in under one minute. And the HQ team is currently updating to v4, which will get the update time to a few seconds.

The sheer complexity of American healthcare can dehumanize both patients and doctors. Doctors often feel like they are cogs in a vast insurance-driven machine. Patients often feel stripped of their agency, pinballing around a system they don’t understand.

A healthcare provider website that helps patients feel comfortable seeking care, and centering doctors, NPs, and PAs, might be a small step towards fixing American healthcare. But it is a step.

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