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Rise of the Content Mesh: Webcast with Contentful and Gatsby

What is the Content Mesh? Learn more in this webcast on demand.

Creating compelling web experiences has become crucial in building loyal customers but you can’t get fresh, novel, and engaging websites without up-to-date content and development architectures. Enter the Content Mesh. The Content Mesh is emerging to free up developers and content creators to use whichever tool works best for managing content, developing the website, or optimizing performance. Join Gatsby and Contentful as we explore the rise of the Content Mesh, Headless CMSs, content infrastructures, and the future of the web technology stack.

Watch the on demand webinar to hear from Sam Bhagwat (Co-founder, Gatsby) and Shyamal Ruparel (Developer Advocate, Contentful) about the rise of the Content Mesh and the future of the web.

Shyamal Ruparel, Developer Advocate, Contentful
Sam Bhagwat, Co-founder and Head of Enterprise, Gatsby
Linda Watkins, Director of Marketing, Gatsby

What you’ll learn in this webcast:

  • What is the Content Mesh and what benefits does it offer?
  • The future of the web technology stack
  • How Gatsby works with Contentful and case study examples

Watch the Webcast

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