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Michelle Gienow

Michelle Gienow

Writes things @ GatsbyJS. Chaotic good frontend dev, caffeine addict, backyard chicken wrangler 🐓.


#100DaysOfGatsby 2021: The Finish Line

It’s the 12th of April, a day which represents two milestones: the 100th day of 2021, and also the finish line for this year’s #100DaysOfGatsby Challenge.

Michelle Gienow
Michelle Gienow April 12th, 2021


Challenge 5: Create a Gatsby Theme (#100DaysOfGatsby)

GatsbyConf Q&A: “Getting Started with Gatsby” Workshop Instructors Obinna Ekwuno & Megan Sullivan

London’s Royal College of Art Goes Virtual with Gatsby

GatsbyConf Q&A: Francois Brill

GatsbyConf is just a week a way! Francois is presenting a talk, “Using The Power Of Gatsby To Create A Network Of Blazing Fast Websites,” to demonstrate building out complex systems at scale — with a single Gatsby code base powering multiple websites. We caught up with him for a wide-ranging chat around his thoughts on the future of Jamstack and ways to keep ourselves thinking differently about building websites.

Michelle Gienow
Michelle Gienow February 22nd, 2021


GatsbyConf Q&A: Alfredo Navas Unlocking Creative Velocity with Gatsby + Headless WordPress

GatsbyConf Q&A: Arisa Fukuzaki

GatsbyConf Q&A: Joel Varty on the State of the Jamstack

What is Headless WordPress?

Presenting the 2020 Silly Site Challenge Winners!

Voices of Gatsby: The “O” Word (Or, Being Older in Tech)

It’s Hacktoberfest Time!

A Faster-Rolling Website for Raleigh Bikes

Gatsby Days Video: Building an Encrypted PWA with Gatsby + Userbase

Gatsby Days Video: The Gatsby Developer Experience Experience

Little Caesars Pizza Delivers with Gatsby

Gatsby Days Video: Building Design System Documentation with Gatsby

How Tinder Used Gatsby to Build a WordPress Site in React (Goodbye, PHP)

Delicious Simplicity ❤️ Gatsby: Building Happily Ever After

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