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Making Gatsby Even Greater With Themes — Better, Faster, Flexible-er

Leverage Gatsby themes to open up a whole new world of opportunities

Did you know you can create Gatsby sites like LEGOs? With theme support, Gatsby sites are now composable: you can publish working Gatsby configurations as packages and compose them together to build full-featured, incredibly powerful sites that require very little setup. From adding styles to preconfiguring sections of the site to fully customizing your data access, themes open up a whole new world of possibilities — and we’ll show you how you can leverage this to level up your workflows today!

Hear from Chris Biscardi about what you can do with Gatsby themes and Trevor Blades from Apollo on how they used Gatsby themes for an entirely new website using the same theme code.

Chris Biscardi, Independent Consultant, Gatsby
Trevor Blades, Designer/Developer, Apollo

In the webinar, you’ll hear more about:

  • Why themes?
  • Composing Gatsby sites
  • NPM packages, configuration, overriding, and extending themes
  • Schema customization and sharing data types across themes
  • DesignQL, system-ui, CLI improvements, and other efforts of the themes team
  • Advanced concepts such as predictive shadowing, scoping styles and queries, and all-in-one or super composable themes
  • Workflow and velocity improvements for teams using themes

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