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Achieving Performant Creativity with Gatsby and Rive

How to deliver highly creative, animated, accessible web experiences without sacrificing web performance

Creating an immersive website experience with animated design has traditionally come at the cost of web performance. Make it cool vs. Make it performant. Pick one.

Not anymore.

In this webinar, Gatsby and Rive paired up to demo our joint project: Rise of the Robots to prove that creativity and performance are no longer painful tradeoffs with your site. Immersive web experiences can get high lighthouse scores, be fully accessible, and convert users across all devices. We show you how.

Hear Paul Scanlon and Guido Rosso share:

  • The history of creative web design and animation
  • The fall of flash and the rise of creativity vs performance tradeoffs
  • How Gatsby and Rive Work together to eliminate these tradeoffs
  • How we built Rise of the Robots, and so can you

Included is a live, code-level demo, with tips and best practices for achieving performance, accessibility, and creative animations.


  • Paul Scanlon, Software Engineer, Developer Relations, Gatsby
  • Guido Rosso, Founder/CEO, Rive
  • Laci Texter, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Gatsby

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