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Webinar | Agency Spotlight: Webstacks

From 0 to 50 FTEs since COVID

Building a web agency is hard. But Nikan Shahidi found the cheat codes.

Starting with one large client, Nikan scaled himself into a 50-person agency and built a modular project delivery and growth engine, all in under 2 years.

On Tuesday, he’s sharing his secrets.

Gatsby co-founder and chief strategy officer Sam Bhagwat will be interviewing Nikan and walking through every aspect of his process: from tech stack, to hiring and onboarding, to project pricing, scoping, and delivery, to retention, growth, and expansion.

Web agency leaders: learn how to level up your business. Clients: learn how to hold your agencies accountable for results.

Some topics Sam and Nikan will deep-dive into:

  • How to use modular pricing and scoping to deliver fully-baked websites in three months
  • The key to building self-service landing page templates that marketers love
  • Why many Webstacks hires are first-time professional developers – and the system Webstacks built to ramp them up quickly.
  • The “one weird trick” that makes Webstacks’ revenue more predictable while reducing clients’ risk

Join us on Tuesday and see how the sausage is made.


  • Nikan Shahidi, CEO of Webstacks
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