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Take a deep dive into the fastest Gatsby, yet: Gatsby 5!

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Gatsby Cloud 101

Learn from the experts live, and get started on the right foot.

Join our bi-weekly onboarding session, where our engineers will share our most common tips and best practices from our most successful customers. We’ll also have live Q&A.

It’s a quick ~30-minute class where we’ll cover:

  • How, as a framework, Gatsby does the heavy lifting with the hardest parts of building a website
  • Why Gatsby Cloud makes sites built using Gatsby even faster
  • How to sign up and then deploy your site or starter
  • How to connect data sources, like a CMS
  • How to use real-time code and content previews
  • How and when to use Gatsby’s rendering modes: Static, server-side, or deferred static
  • Demonstrating typical developer and content editor workflows
  • All your live questions

You can also see our previous 101 classes here on YouTube.

When’s the next class?: Tuesday, June 14th

What time?: 9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm UTC

For how long?: About 30-45 minutes

Where/How?: Zoom Webinars

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