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Take a deep dive into the fastest Gatsby, yet: Gatsby 5!

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The All New Gatsby 5

Take your build and site performance to the next level!

Join us live on Tuesday, November 1st to see 2022’s hottest release in action!

Neha Varshneya, Director of Product Marketing at Gatsby, will be chatting with Gatsby framework team members, Josh Johnson and Khaled Garbaya, about all things—you guessed it—Gatsby 5!

Be sure to tune in as Josh and Khaled will be walking through and demonstrating features including:

  • Slices: Gatsby 5 can build and ship individual pieces (or Slices) of your site and deploy only those that changed, supercharging build speeds.
  • Partial Hydration: Full support for React Server Components, enabling Gatsby developers to mark server and client boundaries. You gain the ability to mark specific parts of your site/application as “interactive,” while the rest of your site is static by default.
  • Head API: The new Gatsby Head API is Gatsby’s new built-in SEO helper. Simplify and unify your site’s <head> tags—100% compatible with React Suspense and streaming capabilities.
  • Script component: Marketing scripts often cause slow site performance. Gatsby’s built-in <Script> component loads third-party scripts without blocking the main thread, so that great user experience can be combined with great analytics.

Stay on the cutting edge—register and join us on Tuesday.


  • Josh Johnson, Engineer and Product Manager
  • Khaled Garbaya, Engineering Manager

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