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Driving More Revenue with Headless Shopify and Gatsby

How to build a high-performance, engaging storefront that gets more traffic and converts more sales

Shopify is a godsend if you sell anything online. Whether you’re a multi-national sneaker corporation or a local artisan selling coffee in your community, Shopify makes it simple to manage your product catalog as well as create an online storefront.

But as you scale your online business, there’s huge upside in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by using Shopify in tandem with Gatsby and Gatsby Cloud:

  • Ensuring peak performance during peak traffic hours
  • Showcasing your products with engaging site content
  • Achieving and holding onto top Google rankings
  • Giving customers confidence their data is protected

Register to watch as Sellwood, Senior Product Manager, and Dan Giordano, Senior Director of Product Marketing, share the next evolution in Shopify storefronts: Headless eCommerce using Gatsby as your store’s frontend with Shopify as your management system.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How a Gatsby frontend /Shopify backend works in practice
  • How headless ecommerce stores deliver dramatically higher page performance
  • How performance translates to better SEO rankings and more traffic
  • How going headless makes it easy to develop rich web experiences
  • How headless sites solve security problems by default
  • How to use Gatsby’s latest Shopify Plugin to create a headless Shopify site with over 30k SKUs quickly


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