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Book Launch | Modular: The Web's New Architecture

Receive a free physical copy of "the missing guide to the modern web" to create change in your organization

If you’ve been trying to help your organization move to Gatsby or the headless world, you’ve probably encountered the “Website Change Paradox.” The more benefits there are from moving to headless, the harder it is to explain, and ironically, the more difficult it is to achieve the dev <=> marketing alignment needed for a migration.

There are two potential solutions to the Website Change Paradox, best used together.

The first is to show, not tell; start small, building proof-of-concepts and smaller websites, and creating organizational consensus over time.

The second is to comprehensively explain each of the moving parts (content, dev tools, mobile performance, scaling & security, etc) to mixed audiences of developers, marketers, and executives. It is vividly contrast the old & new worlds, referencing relevant examples and case studies, and thoroughly explain how migration would work.

Gatsby co-founder Sam Bhagwat chose the second path. He released his book Modular: The Web’s New Architecture (And How It’s Changing Online Business) on Thursday, September 29.

Modular is a tool for you to create change in your organization. Contentful founder Sascha Konietzke calls it “the missing guide to the modern web.”

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