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The Path from Drupal to Drupal + Gatsby

Why headless with Gatsby is the path to success with Drupal, and everything you need to know about the steps along the way

Drupal has a lot to love as a CMS: Immensely customizable and supremely scalable. The most prominent businesses, universities, and institutions swear by it for a good reason.

However, to be genuinely competitive in frontend performance, developer velocity, and time-to-publish, the end-user, dev, and content editor experiences need to be top-notch. All things monolithic Drupal struggles to deliver.

Taking Drupal headless, and selecting Gatsby as your frontend, uniquely positions you to maintain the CMS functionality you love in Drupal while competing in each of these business-critical areas where Jamstack truly shines.

This webinar covers why Gatsby is the best choice for headless Drupal and detail what you can expect in the process to deliver a decoupled site architecture efficiently.

Watch on demand to learn:

  • How your Drupal theme, blocks, and views logically translate to Gatsby’s React-based components
  • How Gatsby’s GraphQL data layer sources all your Drupal content
  • How Gatsby’s plugin ecosystem reduces the need for building “glue code”
  • Why Gatsby’s pixel-perfect preview experience is the leader in managing draft content
  • Exactly how you get from monolithic to decoupled Drupal + Gatsby, step-by-step
  • Which businesses and organizations have already made the journey successfully
  • A preview into Gatsby’s multi-site architecture solution for migrating large Drupal instances

We’ll also show you a live demo of the content editing experience enabled by Gatsby Cloud, enabling real-time collaboration and speeding up your time to publish.


  • Shane Thomas, Senior Engineering Manager
  • Jack Sellwood, Senior Product Manager
Drupal Migration Explainer

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