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Webinar | Gatsby Perf Tricks & v5 Preview

The "buried gems" of the Gatsby toolkit + what's new & coming soon

Have a need for speed? Us too.

Gatsby Staff Engineer Grayson Hicks walks you through the best practices he’s developed over 2 years of working with Gatsby customers to optimize their performance.

In this webinar, he’ll walk you through tricks like:

  • Lazy-loading components for better performance on CMS-driven landing pages.
  • A little-known Gatsby plugin that analyzes your bundle sizes, letting you identify and rip out JavaScript bloat
  • Avoiding commonly used React libraries that can reduce your Lighthouse scores by 10 points or more – and what alternatives to use instead
  • Using Gatsby Scripts and everything else we’ve shipped in in the last six months around web performance
  • Using upcoming Gatsby v5 features like partial hydration (available today in alpha) that can let you optimize performance even more


  • Grayson Hicks, Staff Software Engineer at Gatsby
Gatsby Perf Tricks

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