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Cut your page load times in half by optimizing your third-party scripts

How to use Gatsby’s Script Component, powered by Partytown, to boost page speeds and lighthouse scores

Third-party scripts, like advertising tags and analytics code, add a ton of business value by optimizing your marketing. But each script you add to the page will likely increase the time it takes for your site to load, undercutting other vital areas of your marketing like SEO and conversions.

But the days of painful tradeoffs between third-party scripts and page load speeds are coming to an end.

Using Gatsby’s new Script Component capabilities, leveraging Partytown by, can cut your page load times in half (or more!) by allowing you to control when and how your scripts load.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why Gatsby sites are fast, and why speed matters when it comes to SEO and conversions
  • How Gatsby sites with third party scripts are made even faster using Script Component
  • How’s underlying technology, Partytown, works to optimize scripts
  • A detailed before/after explainer on how saw page speeds go from 2.2 to 1.2 seconds using this new component

You’ll also see a live, code-level demo showing you how to get started using Gatsby’s Script Component. Of course, we’ll also answer all of your questions live. But, if you are unable to attend, be sure to register to receive a human-captioned recording after the event.


  • Ward Peeters, Principal Engineer, Framework at Gatsby
  • Adam Bradley, Director of Technology at


  • Thursday, July 14th
  • 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 3pm UTC
  • ~45min - 1hr (dependent upon Q&A)
  • Zoom webinars

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