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Headless Shopify: From first commit to first sale

Learn how to begin your headless e-commerce journey with Gatsby and Shopify, broken down step-by-step.

Watch Gatsby and Shopify as we guide you on the journey from deciding to go headless to actually doing it. We dive into the time-saving best practices that’ll help your dev team work efficiently. Then we detail the Shopify functionality you’ll want to incorporate to deliver a high-performing visitor experience.

This webinar features Morgan McCunn, Shopify’s Product Lead working on their custom storefronts initiatives, and Dan Giordano, Gatsby’s Senior Director of Product Marketing.

This is a hands-on webinar, and, as the title suggests, we demonstrate the exact steps you’ll take to migrate from your current storefront to a modern e-commerce stack capable of receiving live sales. You won’t want to miss it.

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