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Tips & Tricks for Supercharging Image Performance with Gatsby

A guided tour to optimizing your site with high-performance and effortlessly responsive images using the all-new Gatsby Plugin Image

Your site’s image performance is critical for high Lighthouse scores and the zippy user experience that leaves visitors thinking, Jumping kumquats, that was fast! But optimizing images is a total chore and, with the latest image formats like AVIF, it can also be straight-up confusing.

The all-new Gatsby-plugin-image does it all for you! In this recorded webinar, the pros at Gatsby will show you the fastest way to resize and serve images in React using this fully evolved new version of the original Gatsby image component.

Register to watch Gatsby’s Software Engineers Matt Kane and Obinna Ekwuno share the latest techniques and best practices to give your site the snappiest loading experience and the best performance possible.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why a modern image solution is vital for performance
  • How to use Gatsby Image to optimize both static and dynamic images
  • The tricks to getting the fastest page loads for your users
  • The latest techniques to achieve the best Lighthouse scores
  • A few common user pitfalls we see, and how to avoid them

You’ll also see a live demo as well as hear the in-depth Q&A.


  • Matt Kane, Software Engineer at Gatsby
  • Obinna Ekwuno, Software Engineer at Gatsby

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