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CMS Previews

If your site uses a content management system (CMS), Gatsby Cloud provides a tool to quickly preview content changes and collaborate with content editors. When you add a site to Gatsby Cloud, you will find CMS Previews under the “CMS Preview” tab of the Site Overview.

CMS Preview tab on Gatsby Cloud

A “CMS Preview” is a development build of your site that enables you to make changes in your CMS and see those changes take effect in real-time.

Using CMS Previews requires connecting your site to one of the supported CMSs. Check out the Connecting to a Content Management System tutorials for more information on how to configure your site for CMS Previews.

How CMS Previews are triggered

A CMS Preview build may be triggered when any of the following events occur:

  • A change in the connected CMS (such as an autosave while typing, save, or publish action).
  • A Git commit to the production branch configured in “Site Settings.”
  • Manually clicking the “Trigger Build” or “Restart Preview” button in the Gatsby Cloud user interface.
  • A POST request to the Preview Webhook.

How CMS Previews are built

There are two CMS Preview build approaches; these are the “legacy” preview experience and the new “incremental preview” build.

Incremental Preview

This is the default preview builder. It is a production build of your site using preview data as specified by your environment variables. The main benefits are:

  • Fast updates after initial build.
  • Parallelized Image Processing.
  • All successful preview builds are always available.
  • Support for the preview status indicator on Gatsby v3 and later.

All other CMSs integrations for Gatsby Cloud support incremental previews. Of these, the following require a specific source plugin version:

  • WordPress: gatsby-source-wordpress ≥ 5.2.3
  • DatoCMS: gatsby-source-datocms ≥ 2.6.15
  • Sanity: gatsby-source-sanity ≥ 7.3.2

Incremental Previews are those noted with the “CLOUD” badge:

Incremental preview cloud badge

Legacy Preview

This preview builder is only used where incremental previews are not possible. The build process is similar to gatsby develop in local development. It is subject to resource timeouts and the preview will not be available until the next build completes after a timeout occurs.

Preview extensions

Some CMSs support a preview extension that enables you to view your CMS Preview build without having to leave your CMS. Preview extensions are available for:

  • Contentful
  • Cosmic
  • DatoCMS
  • WordPress
  • Sanity

Check out the Preview Extensions tutorials for more information. WordPress preview loader doesn’t support password-protected preview instances.

Disabling Preview

You can disable Preview by visiting “Site Settings > Preview” and unchecking “Enable CMS Preview builds”.

If your preview fails to build for 10 consecutive builds, Gatsby Cloud will automatically disable the Preview.

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